Trust Fund Q1 '24 Update

Trust Fund Q1 '24 Update

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Because we're building in public, we share updates with our friends in the venture community and beyond.

Trust Fund is a year and a half old and punching far above our weight. We've invested in and made a measurable impact on 13 incredible companies and founders (which we lovingly call Trust Fund Babies), and I'm thrilled to share with you our most recent update. To fast forward through the below (which is also included in the update), you can go straight to the goods here.

As a refresher on our thesis, our focus at Trust Fund is to back tech-enabled companies that help people start and build businesses. Itʼs a pretty broad mandate, encompassing products like peer-to-peer marketplaces, labor marketplaces, logistics, e-commerce enablement, B2B commerce, circular commerce, supply chain optimization, fintech, productivity tools including AI, the freelancer/creator economy, and creative tools.

It is now possible, as eBay made it for me in 2006, for anyone to work for themselves. Technically, we are focused on B2B and B2B2C – but the fact is, most Bs make software choices not like Bs, but instead Cs. The fine line between aspiration and accessibility is one Iʼve spent my entire career crafting. The same exhilarating feeling of confidence a woman had when she put on a Nasty Gal motorcycle jacket for the first time is the same feeling an entrepreneur feels with a simple login that can change their life.

We're backing killers building painkillers that solve for the pain that I, and the vast majority, of business owners, have or had. Our founders are creating important, life-changing products that will change millions of lives — and for me, itʼs a special and personal mandate.

VC Brag 😎

I'm not sure if everyone knows how insane our investor base is, but I'm going to boast for a second (I'm sorry I can't include all of our amazing LPs!). It's called social proof, and it's important.

For good reading and a lot of fun, check out the full update here.

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